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The Magical Tale of Santa Dust – A Christmas Tradition BOOK


N & J Publishing and the book The Magical Tale of Santa Dust – A Christmas Tradition are the creation and brainchild of Patricia Cardello. The idea came out of Patricia’s love for children and the magic that Christmas inspires.

It took root from a 4:30 P.M. Christmas Eve tradition she began with her children when they were toddlers.

Her Christmas Eve Santa Dust walks became a tradition in her family and her neighborhood and took on a life of their own. Each child sprinkling their magical Santa Dust in the hopes of guiding Santa and his reindeer to their home. Never fail – Santa would arrive to squeals of delight the next morning.

We encourage you to make “Santa Dust” and the book “ The Magical Tale of Santa Dust” a Christmas tradition in your home. Listen while your children tell you their hopes, dreams and desires for Christmas. You will cherish the quality time you spend with them as they sprinkle their magical Santa Dust and in the process build memories that will last a lifetime.

Years from now your children will take their children on their own “Santa Dust” walks and their children will then take their children and carry the tradition forward.

We hope “Santa Dust” and “The Magical Tale of Santa Dust” bring as much sparkle and magic into your lives at Christmas time as they have to ours.

The Magical Tale of Santa Dust is a delightful holiday tale of two small children whose house Santa has never been able to find. It’s Christmas Eve again, and the children fear another year will go by without a visit form Santa. But thru the antics of a giggling, bungling elf, and some magical dust, their Christmas dream come true.
Each book is sold with one pouch of magical Santa Dust.