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Dr Scholl's WOMEN SHEER Largr BIEGE15-20MMHG


Designed to provide your legs with the comfort and relief you need everyday, all day. Constructed with the greatest support at the ankle that graduates up the leg to improve circulation which energizes, renews and restores leg comfort. Helps with: Tired, achy legs; varicose veins, edema, swelling, traveling, post surgical procedures, DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Maximum compression at the ankle, compression lessens gradually up the leg. Medical grade. Graduated compression range 15-20 mmHg. Large fits shoe size 8-10.5, ankle circumference 9.5-11", calf circumference 12.5-17".
Always consult with your physician when using graduated compression products. Wearing: Place thumbs inside sock and gather material. Place foot inside sock and pull up and over heel. Pull socks up leg. Do not fold top over. Care: Wash gently with mild soap or detergent in lukewarm or cold water. Do not wring out. Roll in towel to remove excess moisture. Air-dry or tumble on delicate cycle on low dry heat.
Nylon 80%; Spandex 20%